Contemporary Charitable Foundation Limited (CCFL) was founded in 2010 as a successor to the Association of Chinese Cultural Preservation Limited (AOCCP). It is a charitable foundation committed to public services. Donations are tax deductible under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance with verification from Inland Revenue Department.

CCFL focuses its work on current welfare matters and aims to serve the society at large through contemporary ideologies as well as through advancing social resources. It has no political, religious, race, or nationality affiliations.

CCFL believes the importance of “nurturing the young, providing education, supporting the elderly, and relieving the distressed.” It strives to care for the disadvantaged, initiate educational programs for children and teenagers, and offer assistance to the lone elderly. CCFL mobilizes the public to raise awareness about the contemporary needs of disadvantaged communities, and furthermore reallocate charitable resources to serve those in need. With its humanitarian effort, CCFL makes sure that resources in the society are effectively distributed and utilized, and ultimately contributes to building a more peaceful society as well as promoting Chinese culture.

CCFL values the importance of financial transparency and “zero administrative cost”. We strive to distribute the different types of donations that we receive to those in need as directly and uncompromised as possible. To achieve CCFL’s goal of “zero administrative cost,” our Chairman has taken up the responsibility of all administrative expenses.